I was looking for services of this company as I needed to move the office from one location to another. I made the choice without knowing anything about the company – I had never heard of it before. The choice was done in favour of this company due to the fact that the estimated cost for relocation was lower than that of other companies, and the first telephone conversation convinced me that the service would be delivered with a high sense of responsibility.
I was not disappointed! The guys did their work the best they could! Carry on! And if I will, I will definitely choose services of again.


Previously, I had not heard about this company, but I called and was positively surprised by both the price and personal approach to the client. The driver was very understanding and friendly, given that I had been wrong with the cargo calculations. The work was done with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Service was ideal with 10 out of 10, strongly recommended for others!


Work well done. It was urgently necessary to transport furniture to another city. The guys worked quickly even on a holiday. The price corresponded to quality of the work done. Highly recommended.


For the third time, guys from the company Parvaksanas 24 have helped in the process of moving my home. Neither did they leave me disappointed this time. The guys carry out their work fast, with high responsibility and honesty. Not even couple of hours have gone once moving to a new home is finished. I definitely recommend services of Parvaksanas 24 to anyone who moves to a new apartment or office.


Good evening to everyone! If someone needs to move to a new home and needs to move furniture, I wholeheartedly recommend this company and the guys who work here. No problem guarantee 100%. The boys arrived at the address punctually, all the furniture was packed into plastic foil to avoid damage, quickly and qualitatively loaded all items into the bus and brought from point A to B. Everything was brought in, put together, even did additional works that was not included into their service. I can only say one thing, the guys of this company work quickly, neatly, are very punctual, forthcoming and very sincere. and other classifieds have many offers, but they do not match the offered prices with reality, but these guys have very friendly prices, quality, positive attitude and so on.
Good luck to all of you and once again great thanks to the company (
Dace (Imanta)


Wonderful service!
For the third time this summer the guys have helped me to move my belongings, so I am really happy and grateful. Honest, supportive, understanding people who do their job quickly, professionally and with full return!
I love the friendly attitude, felt safe in their presence and my belongings were moved very carefully and neatly!
Looking back to the relocation, guys worked like angels.

Paula Videniece

They took the order on a Sunday afternoon, three hours later they were in place, professional work, the price matches the quality.


Thanks for the great service! There was a need to transport large and fine-quality prototypes for alternative energies from one institute to the conference-exhibition hall and as it had to be done on a Sunday, so I was looking for movers on the internet. I stayed with the company because they responded promptly, offered a good price and also agreed on deadlines. It’s great that you can have a service with 2 things in one – the driver also helped to load and unload; it was also possible to drive along.
I also recommend the service to others – drivers are great people, strong as bears and very experienced, both while carrying, moving, and unloading.


Many thanks for the perfect work!
You carried office furniture and mountains of documents in a single day, something we would have fought with for a week. The work was done quickly, qualitatively, without damaging anything else, in addition to that, the existing furniture (ones damaged by construction workers) was moved and repaired.
Thank you for your positive attitude!


Greatest thanks from the town of Kuldiga for the quick and positive attitude in the process of moving.
The guys transported the furniture, belongings, and located everything into cabinets where the employee wanted.
Tables were set in level, cabinets were repaired, shelves were assembled. Nothing was damaged or lost.
Thank you for your hard work which you did with a smile on your face.
Kristine and colleagues


Perfect company – in their precision, attitude and capacity.
Sincere thanks also for the almost magical ability to carry out an almost impossible mission, carrying and assembling heavy and complex furniture loads from Riga to the countryside, in general in dramatic weather and space conditions.
Work was done in peace, with humour and elegance. As a crowning for the multi-level transfer here in the city, everything was accomplished at an incredible pace and perfectly adapted to unforeseen situations.
Very confidence-inspiring.
Special thanks to Janis for the team and perfect work.
Wishing future success and happy festivities,
Dace and family from Antonijas Street


I was afraid at first about what the relocation will be like, and whether it will take place at all.
After seeing the result of the work I do not regret for a moment I chose this company.
They helped me to pack all the items, break up and then assemble the furniture and still be able to cheer up.
There was a feeling that I am the only and favourite customer for the best price and at the best quality.


A rare combination – high quality services at very reasonable prices.
The guys worked fast, in high quality and with a high sense of responsibility, which surprised me in a positive manner.
We will definitely use services of this company as needed, if there is such a need and I recommend them also to others.


Such companies instill you with a lot of joy. High quality service, good and courteous guys.
Good luck!


Many thanks to the guys who helped me to carry the goods to the new apartment.  Guys worked quickly and are definitely professionals in their work. If necessary, I will definitely use services of this company and recommend it to others! 😉


I was a little sceptic when reading the reviews, but now I am writing a similar review.
Assembling a large cabinet in a problematic room – all carried out in a professional, accurate and “flexible” manner. Forthcoming attitude and a “straight road” to the result.


Thanks to the guys for the work: arrived quickly and did everything gracefully, including carrying, loading, etc.

You are a company on can rely on we will definitely use your services again.

Company SIA ″Faberlic Baltija″

High quality services at very reasonable prices.
The guys worked fast, in high quality and with a high sense of responsibility, which surprised me in a positive manner.
We will definitely use services of this company as needed, if there is such a need and I recommend them also to others.

Company SIA ″Latima″

Thank you guys for transferring the belonging to the new apartment. Very quickly and fast, everything was dismantled, packed and taken to the desired delivery point. Price is right for the job done.
I strongly recommend using this company’s services.


Excellent communication, and excellent service! Thanks for the team of!


Thanks for the great work!
Relocation was done in a very quick manner (2.5 h, although the distance from A to Z was not far).
It was clear from the very first few minutes – guys are real professionals.
There was some skepticism about the provided feedback (everything can be written), but this time I agree with all the previous writers.
Company one can rely 100% on.
Good luck!


Fantastic movers service! Thank you, Andris and Kenijs – all super dooper! Very carefully packed electronics and everything else! Recommended!


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