Construction Product Transportation

Often people wanting to save money will transport the building materials by themselves using their daily light personal vehicle, which is not intended for such works. As a result, the customer gains not only a dirty car, but possibly also visual and technical damage, as well as wasted precious time. By opting for our services, you will receive professional construction material transportation services and will not only leave the worries about organization of transportation and costs behind, but also receive full cost-estimate prior to even commencing the task.

We offer:

  • transportation services for transport of building materials of various sizes and weights;
  • delivery of goods from store to construction site;
  • loading and unloading of building materials;
  • safe transportation of int. al. fragile building materials (such as tiles);
  • transportation materials in Riga and entire Latvia;
  • transport planning and finding the best solution;
  • free-of-charge advice;
  • additional long-term cooperation on favourable terms.

Privileges when opting for service of Parcelsanas24

100% Safe Services

When entrusting cargo transportation to us, you need not worry about safety of the transported goods – we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the goods arrive without technical or visual defects.

Always On Time

We take pride in being always on time and respect the customer’s time, so we always arrive on site quickly and at the right time, as well as we provide the services at the most convenient time for every customer.

Customised Vehicles

We have a fleet of trucks and cargo taxis in different sizes, so we are able to offer you transportation for small, as well as large and heavy loads.

Best Price

We are able to render not only the highest quality and fast execution of services, but also the best price in order to achieve the highest quality of services at a very affordable price.

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