Furniture Assembly

Have you acquired new set of furniture or brought the old furniture out of your previous home, but do not have the time, the tools or the skills to assemble? We are here to help! Our team consists of furniture assembly craftsmen who have many years of experience in various furniture assembly assignments.

We offer:

  • fast dispatch after customer’s order;
  • professional furniture assembly;
  • assembly of all types of furniture;
  • handling and shipping of all types of furniture items;
  • delivery of new furniture from the furniture store and its on-site assembly;
  • advice and planning the work assignments.

Privileges when opting for service of Parcelsanas24

100% Safe Services

When entrusting cargo transportation to us, you need not worry about safety of the transported goods – we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the goods arrive without technical or visual defects.

Always On Time

We take pride in being always on time and respect the customer’s time, so we always arrive on site quickly and at the right time, as well as we provide the services at the most convenient time for every customer.

Customised Vehicles

We have a fleet of trucks and cargo taxis in different sizes, so we are able to offer you transportation for small, as well as large and heavy loads.

Best Price

We are able to render not only the highest quality and fast execution of services, but also the best price in order to achieve the highest quality of services at a very affordable price.

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